Our  Vision

AFK9 will provide undisputed Training services to governmental, non-governmental, private entities and Private individuals where ever needed. While doing so, we will set new and improved standards for total quality with a continued focus on excellence of dependability.

Our Mission

To provide a dependable and reputable training Services that displays the professionalism and knowledge which exceeds our student expectation, while promoting self-dependence and sustainable career development.

Our Goals

The goal of AFK9 is to take career training and skilling services to a remarkable level, making skilling services more accessible to all students in Africa and all over the world.

AFK9 is accomplishing these goals by providing services and making guarantees other vendors cannot.

We offer OUR training at the best price. We guarantee them for immediate placement after certification.

Our expert instructors are comprised of security and education professionals with decade’s experiences and military back ground. You can be sure the training we provide is the most advanced and up to date in the industry. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Our Core Values

  • To conduct all business with honesty and integrity.
  • To utilize the best tools to achieve quality and efficiency
  • To commit to continuous quality improvement of our services
  • To work cohesively with our clients and colleagues to create an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, and loyalty
  • To ensure every Student is satisfied beyond expectations


  • We guarantee to provide our students with the most qualified Instructors and professional personnel available.
  • We guarantee to work hand in hand with our Students and place their needs first.
  • We guarantee to provide the best price available for any and all services rendered

African Canine Academy is a new beginning to a Safe and Secure Africa. AFK9 is a specialized company solely developed to minimize the threat of terrorist attacks associated with explosive devices